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Wedding Officiants North Carolina is a leading provider of wedding officiant services in North Carolina.   Our wedding officiants are professional, reliable and affordable.   If you need a wedding officiant to deliver the perfect wedding, consider Wedding Officiants North Carolina.   Our process is simple:

Initial Consultation: Wedding Officiants North Carolina officiant is happy to engage in an initial wedding officiant consultation.   The consultation is a great way for the couple and officiant to meet, discuss wedding plans and goals, and determine if there is a good fit.

Date Reservation: To reserve the wedding officiant for the special day, the wedding couple makes a deposit on the wedding officiant’s services.   

Planning Meeting: The wedding officiant and the couple usually have a planning meeting to discuss the details of the wedding ceremony.   An essential step to creating the perfect wedding.

Ceremony Fine-tuning: To make a wedding ceremony perfect, the couple and the officiant fine-tune details of the ceremony.   Our goals is to make sure that your day is perfect.

Pre-ceremony confirmation: Our wedding officiants touches base with the wedding couple the day before the wedding to confirm that everything is on schedule, including the time, ceremony details and other items.

The Wedding Ceremony: Our wedding officiants usually arrive one half hour before the event.  When the ceremony begins we are prepared and ready to deliver the perfect ceremony.

Marriage License Submittal: After the ceremony, the officiant will finalize the marriage certificate and then submit the marriage certificate to the local county clerk for processing.

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Officiate Wedding

Wedding Officiants North Carolina charges a fee of $200 to $350 for a wedding in Wisconsin.  The cost includes the initial consultation, ceremony editing and filing the marriage license.   The wedding officiant is also available for any questions on the process of getting a marriage license.


Wedding Officiants North Carolina usually charges an extra $50 to $100 to attend a rehearsal.  The cost may be more if the officiant needs to stay overnight or if the travel distance is more than 100 miles.

Extra Travel Costs

Wedding Officiants North Carolina serves the entire state of North Carolina.   An Officiant may charge a nominal fee if he/she must travel for more than 20 miles.

Pay online

Clients can easily pay online at the website.   To learn more, click here.   

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